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Client Testimonials

Ship Inns Derby

We have seven venues in the East and West Midlands.

We have used North West Stocktaking for a number of years at our venues and have been very impressed with the amount of accurate information we receive from the easy to understand stock report. After our first stock we were informed of a potential element of pilfering on bottles of WKD and Draught Carling  along with a significant cash to till discrepancy. I must confess I was dubious about this claim as 90% of my staff had been with me for many years. After on-going investigations we unearthed the shocking discovery that one of the managers had been clearing the till down an hour before close and pocketing the rest of the days takings. After this I’ve never looked back.

North West Stocktaking is a very good company would very much recommend Mark and his team to any pub company large or small.

Alan Stevens Managing Director

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Key Benefits of using North West Stocktakers

  • Increased gross profit
  • Reduced loss
  • Improved control of allowances, reducing waste
  • Easy to understand, same day reports - the best in the industry
  • Improved control, no subcontracted staff.
  • Flexible, no fixed costs to your business
  • Expertise from established industry leader
  • Unrivalled management & office support
  • Competitive pricing

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Stock takers, Accountants and Legal Consultants to the Licensed Trade

Call Now: 01942 366700




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