Ste Hall

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar


Joshua Laffan

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals


Jay Hall

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals

Richy Lloyd

Drums & Percussion


Richy Lloyd Drums & Percussion

Richy's first steps into the music world started back in the early 80's and following an impulse purchase, he began learning to play his first drum kit. 12 months later, Richy joined his first band - 'Ex-Offenders' playing post punk/rock music to anyone that would listen in and around the pubs and clubs of Liverpool.

By the mid-late 80's Richy's priorities had taken a different turn and he had hung his sticks up for good. However, following another impulse purchase in the early 00's, he found himself with another kit has been a permanent member of a covers band for over 10 years. Richy has known Ste for many years and when the original 'Room 3' drummer left the band, it was a natural progression for Ste to invite Richy to audition for them. Richy has been with 'Room 3' for 12 months and loves the challenge of playing new material.

Richy's musical tastes are varied and his influences are many. A quick glance through his music collection would reveal everything from Abba to ZZ Top.

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