Ste Hall

Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar


Joshua Laffan

Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals


Jay Hall

Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals


Richy Lloyd

Drums & Percussion


STE HALL Lead Vocals & Rhythm guitar

Ste first picked up a guitar at the age of 15 but he has only very recently had the time to form a band and realise a dream. It was always Ste's ambition to play in a band and bring his songs to life. Ste has spent many long hours writing lyrics and laying down chord sequences that have ultimately lead to the finished songs. Co-writing many of Room 3 songs with his son Jay (who also plays bass for the band), Ste has drawn on many of his life experiences to form the basis of his lyrics. Ste formed 'Room 3' along with his son Jay and Lukas (lead guitar) who he has worked alongside for a number of years.

Ste played solo for two years before forming 'Room 3' playing venues such as the Crosby festival, Sound City, and the Mathew Street Fringe festival. His musical influences are Paul Simon, Beatles, kinks, and ELO. His preferred music styles are rock, blues, & folk.

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